TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Well Crap...

Like anything else good, my time (for this time) in the hill country has come to an ending.

I've had a very good, calming time while I was up here this time. And now I'll have to head down back east.

Was up before the chickens, or anyone else for that matter. Heard the rooster out back crowing repeatedly. So I really do get up before the chickens most days!

Wonder how the neighbors like that?

Dorie has gone on her morning walk and it's time for this ol' boy to take a shower and pack his stuff, an' get the hell outta Dodge!

I am deeply grateful for the time I was allowed to spend up here...Doesn't take much to remind me why the hell I moved to Texas in the first place...This part of Texas is beautiful.

Dorie is a very special person.

Back to the grind.
Tags: eats_veggies, my life, roadtrip, roadtrips
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