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Right Now..At This Very Minute...

It is colder - In the house than it is outside. And the heat is on. Not that we needed it today. Hit at least 70F down here.

For some odd reason it it is just really cool in the house. Suspect it has to with it being a very cloudy day.

The Flatonia, Texas Environmental Affair

So I stopped to get some gas in Flatonia. While the tank was filling, I walked about the car cleaning the windows. As I got to the passenger side front window, I smelled gasoline. Looked down and it was running from UNDERNEATH THE CAR! Between my legs...Holy crap! I started to make a mad dash around to the tank side. About that time some guy on the other side of the pump reached over and shut it off. But the damage was done. Gasoline was flowing toward the storm sewers. Apparently the little shut off thing that pops the flow off was screwed. He said it looked like a geyser of gas coming out of my tank!

Think I can count on one hand how many times that has happened. And I wouldn't need the other four fingers. Until now.

I thanked him profusely shook his hand (forgot his name though) got my receipt and moved the car over to the parking lot to let it air out some.

The Shredded Tire Stunt

Not 10 miles from the location of the environmental spill, I was cruising eastbound on the interstate, doing just under 80 MPH. (the speed limit is 70 on that particular stretch of road).

In the zone basically. At one with the vehicle. Foot on the gas, feeling the vibration of the road through the tires, watching the GPS click off the miles, checking the speedometer, and watching the road ahead of me.

Came up fairly fast on an 18 wheeler (For a Saturn, anyway *grins*) I was at a safe distance and was about to switch lanes to go around him, when a bunch of BIG chunks of tire rubber flew out from underneath the trailer!

Dumped the clutch and downshifted into 4th gear and zig-zagged around some pretty big pieces of tire. Apparently some of the tire had gotten lodged under the trailer and flew outta there as I glanced in the rearview mirror where I could see a large SUV trying to pull the same manuever I had just pulled, and not doing very well at it (center of gravity is too high on those things) I downshifted again (into 3d gear) and pulled into the left lane (quickly!) that was *mostly* devoid of tire debris and dropped into 4th gear and then pushed up into 5th.

Needless to say the trucker pulled his rig into the next rest stop.

And so did the driver of that big ol' SUV. Probably needed to change his shorts!
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