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Mad Dash To The Mall This Morning!

As I had to exchange an Incase Power Slider. The one I got yesterday was apparently DOA. It was cheerfully exchanged for one we tested right there in the store.

Beat the frickin' crowds this morning. Parked right up front by the entrance...

I was in and outta there in less than 15 minutes, I think. Got there around 8:05 and was out by 8:15. Yeeeeeesssss!

Quite unlike yesterday when it took my ass about 1/2 an hour to get a parking place in mid afternoon.

And if there was a bright shining center to the mall, I was in the parking place farthest from it.

Took me longer to find a parking place than it did to get to the store I wanted, get my stuff and get back to the car...Cursed Mall! This is one of the main reasons I don't do holiday shopping well. Thank be to the Internet! And online storefronts.

But if you want it NOW!...You are left with little choice than to venture into the seas of humanity that wash over the shopping malls this time of year...

So anyways...As I was saying...I was in and outta there in like 10 minutes with a functioning widget. I did so well at that that I thought I would treat myself to breakfast at Le Peep. Haven't been in one of these restaurants in several years now. Le Peep is only open for Le Breakfast, Le Brunch, and Le Lunch.

It was here and I was here. So I thought why not?. Pulled into the parking lot and the $tarBuck$ was more crowded than Le Restaurant.

They have awesome breakfasts. And lunch is pretty good too!

I had the Lumberjack Breakfast. 2 eggs (how you want 'em), 2 pieces of bacon or link sausage (which is frickin' AWESOME! Much better than the bacon) Grilled seasoned potatoes, and 2 pancakes with warm syrup. Yum! And of course a bottomless cup of le french roast!

As I lingered over my meal and surfed a little bit on the web (one or two replies to posts and a twit...er...tweet or two and watched the place fill up with people. I bailed soon enough and came back to the house where I set my new widget up to charge...

And as soon as it does, I'll need to give cadona a call so I can meet her and pick up the keys to her house as I'll be feeding her fe-line while she is out of town.

Her place will also be my sanctuary while The Cool One and SHE get up to their usual shennanigans when ever he's home. The Offspring and I can have a proper Christmas morning there as well.
Tags: 42, holidaze, my life
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