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To the Friend's list: Okay Y'all...STOP ALREADY!

There is no reason to panic just because a few employees and contractors were laid off at LJ. LiveJournal, like most other Corporate entities is shoring up because of the current (tough) economic situation. Let's face it, LJ is here to make money for someone, folks. That is what it is all about. CHA-CHING!

There has been no formal statement to the end-user community of LiveJournal, because they don't expect any consequences for the end-user "experience". Mind, this is just my opinion.

These two guys Ayoub (who is on my Flist) and Eden Brooks (who is NOT on my flist) put all this together fairly well, I think.


ayoub put together a fairly decent guess at the current cash flow for LJ. They are making a chunk of change.


Mr. Brooks (ebenbrooks) saw the press release and the flying rumors like everyone else (except apparently, me!) did, and sent a note to Livejournal Press Rep and got a reply which he posted at the link above.

My take is this:

I work in IT for a pretty large multinational. If our management can get the job done someplace else (read: by outsourcing) for a cheaper price without affecting Service Level Agreements, then they will. If they can do away with it without affecting Service Level Agreements, they WILL.

My company has been doing this, in ALL divisions, for a number of years now. I don't always agree with the strategy, but you know, they didn't ask me.

They call it "right-sizing" in some circles, "Off-shoring" in other circles. We don't have to like it, but we all have to face it in one form or another at some point. Every one that consumes anything is affected at some time or another.

So the sky ain't falling or anything like that. So cut it out!

Of course backups are always a good thing to do anyway. But I don't think there is a need to run off and open accounts elswhere. Besides I still have some old blogger accounts...*grins*
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