TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

And On the Commute Home

Sitting in my seat minding my own business. A large woman squeezes down the aisle and makes eye contact. Shit! Have I got the only seat left? She gets to my row and throws her ponderous bulk into the seat next to me, wheezing heavily and crushing me into the side of the bus.

"Jeezus Lady! you are sitting on my coat!" I said wrenching the side of my jacket out from under her.

Very uncomfortable ride to the park n ride.

We get off the bus. While I'm trying to remember where it is I put The Saturn Express I watch this woman go to the biggest Lincoln I've seen in quite a while, that is parked in a handicapped zone. 'No shit,' I think to myself.

And where is my car parked? On the back row of the lot. About a block away And I did that on purpose.

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Tags: commuting, the daily commute, via ljapp
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