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So What Else?

Spirits are fairly high this week. I didn't make any resolutions over New Years. I think I set myself up for disappointment when I don't fullfill them. But I have set a goal or two...Both personal and for work. And no I ain't sharing. Yet!

Good news: No work for the rest of the week.
Bad news: Root canal tomorrow...Of course this is dependent on the endo doc getting in there and really seeing if this tooth can be saved...

Tooth has been giving me some ISSUES this week, people! It has hurt so bad a couple of times that it has brought tears to my eyes, and would have brought me to my knees had I been standing. Screwing with my sinuses too. That and the weather. BAD...!

I'm actually looking forward to this...Something must be wrong with me...Very, VERY wrong! *grins*

A couple of us on the 15th floor in Cube City have realized we have 30 year anniversaries this year. Another year down the tubes! YAY!

But this also puts me at 6 weeks of vacation per annum. YAY! (plus the week and a half I rolled over from 2008!) Suppose I get a nice lunch too. And some kind of commemorative thingie. 30 years. THIRTY YEARS! Some day it seems like it was 1979 only yesterday. Others it seems like it was a couple of hundred years ago...Also means I'm eligible for full pension and medical at retirement as well. YAY! Also seems to put me in a prime category for being packaged out of my job... BOO!

So far the YAY's outweigh the BOO's. So let's stop on a positive note shall we?

Oh. One more thing. I have a mandatory class on Monday. All day affair. For career development?!? Seriously?!? No really?!? Did I tell you I've got 30 years on the job? Yeah yeah. I'm goin'...
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