TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

I Told You...

Not to fuck with me!

Walking across the street with a co-worker on the way to the bus stop. Some homeless fucker planted himself in front of us, while we were still in the street! Light was changing and he was mumbling something neither of us could understand a word of. Believe he wanted a cigarette. Not really sure though.

After trying to jockey around his dumbass while he continued to block our (my) path, I finally got fed up. "Can you see we are having a conversation here, goddamit! Now get the fu--!" My companion said in her soft voice while pulling me around this idiot, "C'mon we'll miss our bus!"

Confrontation aborted! But she got to see a side if me I don't usually share with others. Sang!

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Tags: my life, the daily commute, via ljapp
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