TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Another Day, Another ER Visit

Dinner and Drinks? Perhaps I could interest you in taking me to the Emergency Room?

Was supposed to have dinner with cadona Saturday night. And we did eventually. Just not exactly in the way she'd planned.

Had this chest, head and cough issue going on since about Friday. 'member my bus trip home?

As I'm about to leave the house to go to cadona 's I pickup my bag, a hoody and box of Kleenex. But by the time I get my car door open, I find that there is no air for me to breathe. I about paniced AND passed out. I throw all my stuff into the car and grab an inhaler, calm down enough to blast two charges into my lungs. Seem to be okay if I am sitting down. So I calm down enough to drive over to her place. It is a 30-35 minute drive from one to the other. Running alternately the AC and Heat full blast the whole time because I'm running a fever too. Chills and Sweat. Chills and Sweat. I've got some serious pain going on in my lungs and I'm achy all over...FUCK!

I figure if I'm going to pass out it should be in the company of at least one human being...Not just a goofy dog and cat...

Not being able to take a deep breath sucks...Or not.

Get to her house, stumble up to the door and ring the bell. She opend the door, "It was ope- Oh MY! You look like Hell! Are you all right?"


Newsflash!  I haven't smoked a cigarette since I got in the car yesterday. I thought I was gonna expire over that last one...

More later. I am outta juice. I'm all right. Just tired and weak. Slept on the couch over here last night and will again to night. Such a late night this morning I'll be sacking out early.

Tags: my life, nonsmoking, smoking, via ljapp
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