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Is That a Stethoscope in Your Pocket or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

cadona and I had dinner. She had the lasagna she had prepared. I had some soup she had around. Yummy stuff too.

Already had my inhaler out once or twice after I got to her house. She was pretty much insisting I was spending the night. And I was too damned sick to argue. Only problem was I could not catch my breath. I was panting and hyperventilating all at the same time. It really hurt to try and take a deep breath and this would bring on a paroxym of coughing that hurt so bad it was paralyzing.

After dinner I was laying on the couch, trying to calm down. After about an hour (I guess) I panted out, "You know..., this is.... NOT get....ting any.... better..." Knew I'd never get to sleep breathing like this.

"You want me to take yo the ER?"

"Either that or I'll have to drive myself."

"Like that is going to happen."~*~ "Let me get dressed"

Once we figure out where we are going, we go. We get to the ER and she goes in and gets them up and about. Two folks come out with a wheelchair. I get in and we go straight to triage. I get interviewed in there. She gets interviewed out front. Comes and gets my Insurance card and ID, etc. Fills in the paperwork. After my interview we go straight from triage to an ER exam room. Another interview including taking some blood. They bring in an X-Ray and take pictures of my chest. The RT tech comes in and starts treatment an albuterol treatment. Doctor comes in, ask a bunch of questions. Goes away. Some body else comes in and picks up my blood samples, chats for a few minutes, goes away. Doctor comes back ask, some more questions, authorizes meds for pain, and goes away.

Nurse comes back in, gives me an anti nausia shot. And then some MORPHINE. *whoa!* Is that nice or what? Such a nice lady...Then some guy comes in and tells me I am going for a CAT Scan! "WHOOPEE!"

Get back from that. They give me O2, cadona talks to The Offspring at some point *DANG!* (I'm sitting here in the ER with your FATHER) and so do I.

So at almost three am Sunday they turn me loose with a scrip for pain meds and one for antibiotics. We decide to stop by my house and get "The Machine" so I'll sleep better. Which it does.

Final diagnosis: Brochitus aggravated by asthma

At this point (today) I'm back at the house, the furnace guys have just left, I'm weak and tired and still feeling like crap (better crap, but still crap!) feeling sick to my stomach thanks to the antibiotics I'm taking. About to log on to work and send my Boss(es) a note and beg for a couple of days off. I tried to call BBFH a while ago but she (of course) didn't pick up.

Other than that stuff. I'm fine and dandy...
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