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What Now?!

I've noticed when I blow my nose that there is some blood in the result. This just started with the onset of this latest round of bronchitus.

I have to wonder. Do I need to be concerned? I guess I should see if I can visit the PCP. Still feel kind of dazed, and dizzy (part of the time). I'm getting better. but sheesh. Tired of being sick.

And that last antibiotic? Thought I was gonna hurl my dinner last night.

Just called my Physician's office. The cannot work me in until next week! Told them I was gonna blow this off. Honestly, I've had it with these people.

Since they were bought out (or absorbed by Memorial Hermann) the service there has deteriorated quite a bit. Used to be so personable. Healthcare in this country is ridiculus. Insurance companies are in charge of everything. Not the way it ought to be,

Got to find a different physician. Sick of the Treatment (or Non treatment) I get there. I have been a patient of this practice for over 20 years. I like the doctor ok, I guess, but I liked the one one she replaced better. Finding a new doctor is such a pain in the ass.
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