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So At the Doctor's. And Work Stuff.

Had another breathing treatment and an ok to return to work.

ON WEDNESDAY...Jeebus...I've been couped up too damned long.

In other news, SHE returned from points north over Sunday.

Found out today BBFH is moving us all over to the other side of the building. My admin tells me that BBFH is thinking she can put me in a front cube. Opposite HERSELF...I don't really think so. Seniority needs to be considered in Cube positioning. I've got more seniority than anyone on the team.

Some one else will be sitting up there with her (if anyone). You don't even have to put me by a window. I just do not want to be up front. And I certainly don't think I want to sit across from BBFH either. She is loud and brassy (and on the phone constantly) and my job actually requires that I be able to chain a few thoughts together.

Although if you are going to get pissy about it...We will be bouncing someone out of one. Even if I have to go to HR.
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