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I Am a Troll

Went to the Geek Gathering put on by Technology Bytes Nice bunch of folks. Interesting too. Great stories to tell. Me not so much. These are real geeks too. I just play at it...

Sat back and watched peoples for the most part. I did meet jay, baldheretic. http://www.baldheretic.com/

But I felt like such a social troll. I used to be so lively at these kinds of things and now...Well I guess I'm just out of practice. Haven't really had a social life for a great while now and I feel like it really shows. Probably doesn't but, I *feel* like it does.

Awkward is what I felt. I have become socially inept.

A lot of smokers too...I didn't drink other than a cafe au lait. Coffee Groundz is a nice place and it was packed tonight. Think I ought to stay away from the alcohol for a while yet. And even without it, I STILL wanted to smoke.

I quietly slipped out the door at around 9:30 or so and walked the two blocks to where I parked my car and made the drive back out to the hinterlands...

So tired...And I had a for shit week at work.

BBFH continues to fuck with me...Had a 1-2-1 with her and then my Asian Overlord as well. Thanks to her...I really should learn to pick my battles. Because she really tried to screw me over this week...I don't think it will work totally, but my ass will be in a crack for a while.

Just what I needed. Thanks...

All because I asked one effin' question because of one of her actions and she went on a fishing expedition (against me). I don't think it worked this time...But I am really tired of being attacked by this wench every 3 to 6 months...I really (at this point) feel that she did what she did just because she knew it would piss me off.

Packed my office (most of it) to get ready for our move next week as I'll be Out Of Office on Tuesday and we move to the other side of the floor on Wednesday.

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