TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Well, Well

I went by my storage unit this afternoon. I had some things I'd been carrying around in the car for a week I'd so, including a two wheel dolly I meant to leave there so the next time I brought a load over I wouldn't need to bring one along. My car is pretty small and won't hold much anyway.

I went in to have a look first and rearrange things so I was sure there would be room for the next time. It made me feel good to put my hands on my Mom's old furniture and move them around a bit. Got me to thinking too.

At any rate I felt some what more like a human being and not a drone. I like this stuff.

I didn't take much over. Just a box of pictures I had upstairs. Another of books. Took a set of PC speakers over and some office stuff I'm not using but probably
will at some point in the future.

As I said it wasn't much. But at least it was something!

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Tags: 42, my life, via ljapp
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