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The Seamlessness of the Webisphere

So I quietly started a facebook (and if you know my name you can find me there, I think) account two or three weeks ago. I think the interface kind of sucks on facebook. But I'll keep fooling around with it. Maybe I do need one of these:

Facebook for Dummies - Thanks serene_orange!

Didn't fool around with it much until today. But isn't it amazing how different apps or sites seem to work together. And fairly easy too. In one afternoon I was able to link my livejournal account to my facebook account. So now LJ updates my facebook status.

Looking at some other folks on facebook I was able to determine that it is possible to have twitter do status updates as well. A quick search for the Application on FB gave me another way to update.

So to update Twitter I user either the web, DestroyTwitter, or Twitterific, via my iPhone. Twitter now updates facebook and livejournal.

To update LiveJournal I can use the regular update from LJ itself. Or on a PC, Semagic (remember Semagic is Love). On my Mac, I'd use Phoenix. Which is also pretty good. Now on my iPhone I use the ljapp (and I cannot find a decent link for it). Which now that it is (more) stable it is really kind of nice to use.

And I downloaded the iPhone app for facebook (FREE!) today as well. I think it has a better interface than facebook itself.

There's even a lastfm application in Facebook as well.

And they all seem to mush together and it seems to just work...

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