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Spiritually Speaking

...Which is...Not really an easy thing for me to do

Lately I feel adrift. For reasons I won't go into here (at least right now) I cannot or will not go back to a christian church or doctrine.

Was looking through a few friend's pages, and I see some of you are either practicing Zen Buddhists or at the very least meditating. this might help me some if I were to take it seriously.

Thought about meditation on and off for over... ahhh well. Let's just say it has been a long time.

I picked up a few podcasts that iTunes that seem tuned for beginners. Haven't listened to any of them yety. Just wondering if y'all listen to any of these...Or something else.

Daily Buddhism - Which despite the title seems to be a weekly 'cast.

Learn to Meditate - Meditation Podcast - There are 35 lessons plus a video intro - which I'll be watching in a bit. These folks started this in 2006.

Living Buddhism - Audio - This is a series of four 'casts each approximately an hour in duration, apparently geared towards the western mindset...

The Meditation Podcast Learn to or continue your meditation - Looks like the last update was in 2007, at least from the listing in iTunes says.

Zen is Stupid "How we got started with zen ie a beginner's guide to what not to do. www.zenisstupid.com - Last 'cast was on 22 Feb. 98 'casts so far.

Zencast A weekly podcast of inspiring buddhist dharma talks for all people.

Zencast v.2.5 Looks to be some music mixes of somekind... We'll see about this one...

Any way any of y'all have experience with these or others? What others...Just need something for beginners I think.
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