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Well I'm a Dirty Rotten Backslidin' Weakling...

I have been slipping back into an old behavior for the last week or so. It is really easy to do when other folk that live with you are still doing said behavior that one needs to give up. Can't blame the other person. I had this one whipped. Or I thought I had.

Kicking myself in the ass for it too. I can feel the ill effects from it too. Why can't I stop? I don't really enjoy it. Or that's what I keep telling myself. Haven't gone full blown back to it. Just at night. And just one or two. But I can see where this is leading if I don't put a stop to it.

Boredom is a trigger. As is alcohol. So I need to give those up. Well at least the boredom...*heh*

So tomorrow I'll be going to get some of THAT gum or something.

Really disappointed in myself. I tried not to make too big of a deal about the fact that I gave it up. Maybe I should. And I was really feeling better too. That the whole SUCK part of this. And I can feel (Yes, already) the negative effect it has on me.

I don't really need to mention what habit this is either...Do I??

Tags: 42, bad habits, my life
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