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Sling Bags...And Other Stuff

My quest for a Cross Body or Sling Backpack yesterday was not realized. I did find a store that had the style AmeriBag I thought I wanted, but the material and color (black, distressed nylon -Ugh) just sucked. I think that may not be the bag for me.

I got kinda consumed by the search for at least ONE of these bags, if for nothing else, just so's I could hold it and check out the pockets, material, etc. As a plus I did get to go to a World Market store. Here. Some cool, inexpensive stuff in here. Bought The Offspring a salt grinder to match (pretty much) her pepper grinder she got in a much more expensive store...Bought myself a pencil cup for the dresser in my bedroom. It's sitting next to one of my moleskin notebooks.

Then I hopped next door to Luggage and Leather (sounds almost kinky) to check out the AmeriBag stock. Meh...As I said above, Somehow I just don't think this is the bag for me. Bailed out. Dropped of the kid's thing and then headed back out to the Hinterlands.

AmeriBag does have some other cool stuff though. Just not what the boy is looking for.

Got online (DUH!) to do some searches for bags. The Google-fu was strong with me last night. There is a veritable plethora of these things out there. ebags has got some slings. Some nice stuff out there. Why though is most Victorianox stuff that burning red color? No matter, they were not even in consideration.

In stumbling through their listings I stumbled on this Bed-Stu and this Maxpedition.

So it is a toss up! Between the Bed-Stu Slingblade and this Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger Both of these backs are kinda pricey. But I think I'm leaning towards the Maxpedition.

That company looks to make some coooooooool stuff. All tactical kinda, but seriously cool, nonetheless.

Now it's search for the best prices...

Oh and the amnesty period? It's over, Y'all are now stuck with me!
Tags: backpack search, cool hunting, stuff i like
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