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Some More From your Friend on WTF? Ave.

Of course if you follow me on twitter (or FB) some of this will be old news...

I thought it was Wednesday till after lunch.

Every user I modified this morning had the wrong validity date set. How Marvie! How Simply Mah-vel-lous, dah-ling!

Of course if you are in Asia this isn't really an issue because it is already tomorrow where you are. Gotta love global support...The only reason I had a clue was because some user called us saying he was out of validity dates...Took me a few minutes to realize just what I had done too! EU users won't have any issue. Heh!

Had a meeting with the Asian Overlord today...Just about ruined my day.

It has gotten so when ever I have these sessions a serious sense of dread comes over me. I know I need to get over this...Of course it is all my fault (I'm told) because I cannot live up to the impossible goals that have been set. Told him I will be looking for another job.

...I swear these folks are gonna drive me to smokin', drinkin' and cussin'. Of course it is a short damned drive!

Had the worst rueben I think I have ever had from a Murphy's deli in the tunnel.

I frequent this place quite a bit too. Got this one girl that works in there that cannot make a sandwich right (for me) at all. Ever. And guess who got the short straw...It was so bad I wasn't sure if I was gonna be able to keep it down. What of it I ate, that is...Bleah!

Oh and the sling bag quandary I was having the other day on this post?

I gave up...Ordered both the Maxpedition and the Bed-Stu. They have free returns so I figured I'll road test 'em both...Whichever one I don't like, can go back. But what if I like them both?? Hey it could happen! And they've both shipped!

And that's the news from WTF Avenue.

And I still wish it had been Wednesday! Crap...
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