TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Over and Under or Maybe Around...

Good thing I got that Extra, Extra Long Cat 6, 50 foot length Ethernet cable. Rather than that puny 25 feet Like I thought to at first.

Wireless Internet is continuously assured at this point. I had the cable all run. It was just laying around the borders of my office here at the house on WTF? Ave...

No big deal really, but the last time I played over and under and around was right before we had the house painted,,,,DUH! So it had to all come down and that's where it stayed until today. Yessiree Bob, me and my trusty consumer grade 'lectric staple gun made (sort of) short work of that particular frickin' job. PChow! PChow! Take that you unruly cable!

I love power tools. Now to get the rest of it together...*sigh*
Tags: house, workin' it
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