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Houston Folks: BooTown's Benefit Bar-BOO-Que is Tonight!!

BAR_BOO_Q_flier2Spread the word...And the word is Boo...
And that's where I will be! And I'm dragging my friends, The Canadians along with me.Of course it ain't too hard to drag the willing! I'll be doing a little picture taking (by request) of the event in the midst of all the fun I plan to be having.

So for those of you in the HOOston area, c'mon out and party with TexasT's and BooTown Theatre.

Well mostly BooTown..It is their gig after all!

Benefit is for the Houston Fringe Festival coming up in May.

From the BooTown Facebook:
Join us for the BAR-BOO-Q, the “Not-So-Gala” Gala!

Tired of the same old charity scene?

BooTown is throwing the official “FUN-raiser” of the year, the “Not So Gala Gala” starting at 7pm, March 24 at East End Urban Market (716 Telephone Rd).

  • awesome food (we will be grilling)
  • awesome drank (our buddies at Southern Star Brewery will be rep-re-sent-in)
  • games such as; 3 Legged Race, Red Rover, MOONWALK, the recently added 4-Square, and the list goes on and on
  • music; there will be a dj and the NEPTONES will play.
  • and most importantly, the satisfaction of knowing that you have supported your local municipality (BooTown)

WHAT? The barBOOque!
WHEN? ToDaY! March 21st, from 7-11
WHERE? East End Urban Market
COST? $20
WHY? Um…because we like to eat, drink, and be merry.


For ticket info, email BooTown@gmail.com!

See y’all there!

For those that don't know: BooTown is a non-profit organization founded and run by The Offspring and a few of her friends...

Thier Mission:
BooTown is dedicated to creating collaborative theatre and providing a fun theatrical experience for all involved. BooTown supports the arts in Houston, provides outlets for Houston artists, and is committed to creating an interdisciplinary community. We create original theatrical events and encourage performance in non-theatrical settings in order to cultivate a new audience. For those interested (in the HOOston area in future BooTown events, contact them at:

Email: bootown@gmail.com
BooTown on Myspace
BooTown on Facebook
BooTown on Twitter

Snail mail:
PO BOX 130572
Houston, TX 77219-0572
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