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Well Hell...

Good job I'm not going into the office tomorrow because I sure as hell cannot get to sleep.

Sleep has been a frickin' game for me here lately. Will I? Won't I? Roll the goddam dice!

I must have something on my mind, but I don't know what it is! I figure just before daylight I'll have to go upstairs and CRASH!

And apparently I'm not the only insomniac around here. I stepped out into the back yard a while ago to...You know...And some frickin' bird a yard or two over is just singin' to beat the band. Stood out there for a few more minutes, and the danged mourning doves started up too...Every one is confus-ed, apparently.

So I know y'all have heard me talk (*heh* or write) about my good friends The Canadians. Not sure if I ever posted a picture of them sooooooooooooo.
Here are three of my favorite people in the solar system at the Bar-BOO-Que, Saturday night:

Susie-Q, on the left, The Offspring and the really young looking guy on the right is Magill. I'd be hard pressed to find three better friends in the whole city right now. I'm really glad Susanne and I managed to stumble over each other while I was still doing support a few years ago...
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