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What's a Fella Gotta Do

To get someone to sell him a camera around here? Sometimes Photography folks can be such snots... errr snobs. Hit a few camera exchanges and stores today.

Some of these places (and no I ain't naming names. At least not HERE) if you can't act like you know exactly what you want or are doing...Or wanna drop $4 or $5K. Can make a fella feel real small. Told one guy I was looking for one of the low end Nikon's (D40 - 40X or a D60) and the motherf***er audibly sniffed I coulda reached behind that counter and pulled his lungs out through his nose! I did tell him however, that he and his attitude and fine establishment had probably lost my business for good. That dingleberry had no idea how much money I had to spend. Or would spend in the future...After I REALLY get hooked!

With a hearty and heartfelt, "Why don't you shove your used (but in excellent condition) D60 camera (body only) up your hind parts ~ SIDEWAYS!" I turned and left the store...

I stopped at a chain store after that and the kid behin the counter who claimed to be a professional photog was very VERY helpful. Answered ALL of my questions. Was not condescending or snooty. Only trouble was, he didn't have any STOCK! Not one little bit. If I bought from them (and at a premium too!) I'd have to wait for the stuff to ship from the warehouse. He couldn't give the same price his company had on the Web site either. And as an aside, told me he couldn't see why I didn't buy off the web either(!) But I did have a nice chat with the fella. And came away know more than when I got there.

I did talk to one of my photog friends last night and he was the one that gave me the low down on some sites as well as the tech involved. Waaaaaay more technical than me...

All good. But no camera. *sniff**grins*

Mail order it will be...
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