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So I Picked Up a Used Nikon D60 Yesterday

So the D60. What a machine! Nikon D60 Page

And I'm pretty hyped. Got if for practically a song from a friend! But then I had sticker shock from the two new lenses I picked up...O.M.G. Precision optics can be 'spensive.

The D60.
What can I say about this camera? One word - WOW!! If I cannot manage to squeeze a few brilliant photographs out of this thing I had best give up taking pictures all together.

The lenses:
Nikon DX AF-S NIKKOR 18-55mm with Vibration Reduction. Pretty much the standard (or starter) lens for the low end Nikon D series DSLR from what I gather. This is the lens you get if you get a package. It is pretty well rounded too. The auto focus is pretty danged fast! Faster than I can do. Will do a nice little zoom (not too much) and is macro capable as well. Again the macros isn't as tight as I would like, but with a good crop I reckon it will do. So, an every day kind of lens.

Nikon DX AF-S NIKKOR 55-200mm. No VR on this one. But man, does it ZOOM! The auto focus (Hence the AF-S designation) seems a little slower than the other, but merciful heavens! Not a Super Zoom by any means, but for now I'm good. I've heard tell of a Sigma 300mm that is fairly inexpensive and of high quality. We'll see.

Stopped by a Barnes and Noble yesterday evening on my way back to the house and picked up two books The Photography Bible by Daniel Lezano Which I haven't started in on yet.

And this one ~ David Busch's Nikon D60 Guide to Digital SLR Photography. And I started on page 1! I'm impressed with this guy.

And here's what he had to say about the D60:
"Why the Nikon D60 is great:
I’ve been using Nikon-based digital single lens reflex (SLR) cameras since before they had Nikon’s name on them. (Thank you, Kodak!) And never before have I been blown away by an entry-level digital SLR as I was by the Nikon D60. This camera has earned a permanent place in my camera bag next to my "pro" Nikons.

First and foremost, it's affordable, if you’re serious about photography. For those who are already (or soon to become) avid photographers, when you consider the features and capabilities stuffed into the Nikon D60, its introductory price is a bargain.

It's super-compact. It the D60 is your only camera, you won't hesitate to take it anywhere. Unless you have kangaroo-sized pockets, you'll want to carry it around your neck, tuck in a purse or briefcase, or stow it in a corner of a very small camera bag. If you use several different Nikon cameras (like I do), the D60 makes a perfect walk-around camera, a back-up camera, or an easy-to-tote second camera with a different zoom lens (say, the 18-55 VR lens on your D60, and Nikon's great 55-200mm VR zoom on your D80.

The Nikon D60 is also more expandable than any previous Nikon dSLR at this price. There are dozens of accessories and thousands of lenses from Nikon and third-party vendors that work well with your new camera.

The Nikon D60 also includes tons of very cool features, some of which aren't available in Nikon's top-of-the-line D3, such as a built-in flash and automatic/manual sensor cleaning, and the great new stop-motion movie capability

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