TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

A Few Twits...er...Tweets

The Twits...Oh! Erm...That is, Tweets of TexasT's

  • 21:14 @nlpagan "That's not a bug...It's a FEATURE!" #
  • 21:15 @Speshulduck Give it up for now... #
  • 21:16 @sexwithpenguins could it be your handle? #
  • 07:19 Crap! Forgot about the geek gathering tonight. Was going to drive in this AM. This means I wiil probably NOT attend. #
  • 09:25 The main tool we use to work issues went belly up @ about 0900. I gotz nuthin' to do! #
  • 10:03 @sereneorange Damned thing came up about 15 minutes ago. Otherwise... #
We now return you to you regularly scheduled internets...

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