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Whatta g'wan, today?

Waiting for the AC guys. Got yet another issue with the AC in this place...Dang fan upstairs just keep running. And running. And running. Need that sorted.

At some point, I may hook up with The Canadians for a beer or two.

Try and meet up with The Offspring so I can give my latest BooTown set that I burned to CD. And to give her my old point and shoot Finepix S700.

And I may even go to this in the Heights area:

First Saturday Arts, 548 West 19th Street Houston, TX 77008

Homepage: http://www.yalestreetmarket.com/Main/HomePage

Artists: http://www.yalestreetmarket.com/Yalest/Artists

Location: http://tinyurl.com/chgdtq

Bet I can find something picture worthy here!

Of course a lot depends on when the AC guys get here and how much I am gonna have to pay for the honor of having them fix the upstairs unit.

So whats up with y'all?
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