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Got to thinking after reading a post of popfiend. I really hate the area we moved to in our floor. The dynamic just isn't the same. Plus they really did bust the group of is up. Half of the folks from the corner we were in moved across town. I talked to a bunch of them the other day. It was apparent (since every one was trying to talk at once) they miss me too. The folks I sit with now are nice (except for BBFH) but the whole dynamic is off. I don't like it.

On a different note, I have discovered that you really should put accurate tags on stuff. Whether it is to be used online or not.

Spent an hour or so trying to chase down some pictures last night. So frustrating. CFS equals Can't Find Shit.

They ate there somewhere. So I will start a campaign of accurate tagging.

right after THIS post.

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