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So...My Room

There is certainly something to be said about the proper tagging of photographs...Where ever it is that you put them...Can't seem to find any of the pictures I've taken in the past of this Blue Room.

But for example...

Well any ways... My room...Even when it was OUR room. Has been done in shades of blue, like for ever. A lot of navy shades of blue.

One of the complaints of HERSELF was indeed about the blue. Leopard print sheets just didn't cut the blue enough either...*grins*

And I have been getting a little tired of it as well.

I was rambling through WallyWorld today, looking for something else. Which incidentally I did not happen to find. I KNOW! Amazing, right!?

At anyrate I found myself in the home section looking at sheets and comforters...

And I may have found something I actually like. If fact I did like it. So I bought it! And guess what! It ain't blue! Not one little bit! Not even a teense. While blue is one of my favorite colors, it is NOT the favorite color.

I bought a spare set of sheets as well. Organic cotton, so the packaging says, 300 thread count. I've never slept on anything organic, except maybe the ground *grins* so I reckon I'll give those a try first...

Then I was on a quest to find curtains to match. Figured IKEA was a good place. And it was I found just what I was looking for I think. One small issue. These curtains needed to be hemmed *gasp*

But they had thoughtfully included the hemming tape. And instructions! Soooooo. (Jeebus this sounds frickin' domestic) I put them up, marked where they needed to be. Took them downstairs and did the hemming thing, taking into consideration the shrinkage factor of 4%.

And now I give you the new look. Jeebus! Almost looks over the top to me...But I am a beach kinda guy. Tropical beach. Kind. Of. Guy.

Behind a cut, because I am a thoughtful kind of guy. Sometimes..

Let's start with the drapes. I calls them curtains...


The bed:


Flash or no flash... Well let's try that in a different light:


Little closer to the truth of it.

Here's the other side of the story:


The set came with the little pillows, the sheets, the skirt, pillowcases, and the (light) quilt. The bedspread was an add-on, because quilt season is about over here. There are sheets as well, but I wanted to try the organic ones.

You can also see (part of) the pile of blue that came off of the bed over thar to the left.

I kinda like it. Also got a side sleeper's wedge from Relax the Back. It seemsto be helping. You can see it on that dresser that isn't supposed to be in here, but it is...

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