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VISTA-mizing an Unsuspecting Public

BBFH got VISTAmized today. Annoying.

T. Did you get this? What about this? Come read this message. What is an RSS feed? (WHAT?!? Some IT person, Jeebus). I cn receive mail, I can't send though.

After that one I told her it was time...To call the helpdesk...She did. was on hold for 15 minutes. And hung up.

If anything could go wrong with her upgrade, it did...*As I predicted* I helped where I could or told her to put this one on the list!

Should have gotten on of those, "No I will NOT fix your damned computer!" T-shirts.

No WONDER they had me go first!

Damned luddites. And in the IT group too. Shiiiiiiiiii-at!
Tags: 42, micro$oft, vistamized, work
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