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Is Every One In the Hinterlands Fucking Crazy?!?

Left the Park and Ride this afternon. Decided to go to a certain fast food restaurant (drive thru) which shall remain nameless but it's initials are Dairy Queen.

Pulled up to the little speaker thingie. Guy asked if he could take my order.

T: Sure! I'd like a number 6. with ~

DQ: You want the meal or just the sandwich?

T: The meal. WIth onion rings.

DQ: You want fries or Onion rings with that?

T: I just said I wanted Onion Rings. And let me have a medi-

DQ: What kind of drink do you want?

T: I WAS about to tell you. I'd like a medium grap-

DQ: You want just the sandwich and fries?

T: *is getting quite steamed* No I want--- Hell, tell you what. Let's just pretend we never had this misbegotten conversation and I'll just drive outta here and go home and ORDER A PIZZA! Thanks!

You ever seen a Saturn get rubber? They are front wheel drive, too...I swear to god, I was gonna...

At any rate I had pizza for lunch so I don't really want that either. *grins* Just gonna be a juice and cheese and crackers kinda night, I think.

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