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Not Really Feeling...

That my tweets are all that necessary here on LJ. Or maybe at all. The lure just isn't there anymore.

I only really had them shipped over here because I could, anyway.

I'm just not all that interesting or interested for 140 characters or less. There is much more meat to (all of) us than that...

So I've cut the cord ( I hope) from twitter to LJ. Uninstalled destroytwitter because all of a sudden it stopped working (and it's companion destroyflicker which I never used anyway).

Half the folk on my list at twitter don't respond when I @comment to them anyway. If I wanted to have a conversation with (mostly) myself, I'd go back to blogspot and blog over there.

Thinking about cutting twitter from my facebook feed as well.

You want to see my twitter feed? It is over there. @twitter

I may just separate it all out. Just how well connected and intertwined does one person's online persona need to be? I guess I can see it for Celeb types and real Geeks.

And I sure as hell ain't one of them.

So. No more twits in this (LJ) space. I'd like to thank those of you that made me think about it by commenting publicly or privately...

See y'all on LJ! My real online home.
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