TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

So...Mr. Indecisive...What is Today's Flavor?

Pretty much convinced myself that driving to mid-Texas wasn't a good idea. But I am feeling better this morning. Think it is the change in the weather.

Spoke to HERSELF this morning, though. She has managed to convince me, without too much trouble that Sunday might be a good day for the Faire...SHE apparently, had a blast while she was there.

And as of right now the weather, according to weatherbug, looks to be good in that area for Sunday.

So now, if your T's can find a room (A DECENT ROOM) up there for Saturday through Sunday, he WILL be a-going to the Faire.

A little mud never hurt anyone. And as many days as I spent slogging through the mud, and the rain, IN COSTUME, in sweltering heat, at TRF how bad could it be? Ain't gonna wear my glad rags though.

Now, about that room...
Tags: 42, faire
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