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Day 10 Wooo HOOO!!

Still smoke free. I find myself very aware of that smell. You ex smokers know the one I'm talkin' about. "Someone is SMOKING! Where the fuck is that coming from?"
I'm already thinking, 'Did I (do I) smell like that?'

Folks at work have been very supportive. Offering to supply chocolate and other junk food. "NO. Please. Thanks, but I'm trying to NOT get any bigger than I already am. I have enough trouble with chocolate already.

I'm trying to do this without substituting one vice for another. Only partially successful at that. But hey! A fella can only take so much!

I hope this is actually getting easier by the day, but it maybe too early to tell yet!

Cross yer fingers and say a prayer to the gods of your choice for ole TexasT's!

On a different note, I'm writing this post on my Palm LifeDrive on my commute home on the bus. It'll post the next time I sync. (Soon after I get home)

nuff said!

Edit - After I got home decided to walk a mile. I'd already stepped it off in my car so...>Whew!< Now I'm really knackerd! It's hot out there!

Only a couple of things I don't like about posting from my LifeDrive:
No text formatting (dang)
And can't post with tags. (Crap)

Could it be the client I'm using? Have to look into that.

Walkin' good,
Tags: lifedrive, ljpostingclients, me, nonsmoking, tech, walking, woot!
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