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All The Walking I've Done

In the past two days have put my legs and lungs in a world of hurt. Good kind of hurt though. But dude! My calves will be sore tomorrow...I can feel the pull already.

Glad I went. Glad it was a fair day for the Faire *grins* on Sunday. Wish I'd left here Friday so I could have done TWO days. Maybe I'll get back up there before it ends though. Who knows...?!

Glad I took that detour through Washington County as well. Just wish I could have got there a little earlier. But that can still be a trip for another day.

The only other "I wish I woulda" I've got is I didn't get to practice may nigh-time shooting skills. I WAS gonna go into downtown Waxahachie and take some pictures of the courthouse there. Supposed to be nicely floodlit at night. And it really is a spectacular builing in it's own right.

Another trip...

I still have a pile of editing and uploading pictures to do...
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