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Road Trip 2 - The Side Trip

On the way back from Waxahachie, I decided to take the road REALLY less travelled. I set my GPS for the SHORTEST distance to home.The default is the fastest. After a couple warnings:

Do you want to avoid unpaved roads? Yes.
Note: The shortest route may not be as fast or as safe as the fastest route. Do you want to continue? Yes.

It (the GPS) took me through some of the prettiest farm and ranch country I've seen in quite some time. I also set a waypoint for Washington-on-the-Brazos. The birthplace of the Republic of Texas.
I was in a bit of a hurry to get there as I wasn't sure what time they would close, so I didn't stop aqnd snap too many pictures off.

But this one is one of the best... At one point on one of these little county roads that you could barely call a two lane the trees almost completely covered the road...


I make no apologies for leaving it large, as I think this gives you the full effect. And there is an even larger version on line...

Considering it was taken through my dirty windshield I think it came out all right.

Oh and by the way. I still got there too late to get into the museums. There are two on site.

The Set of the pictures I took is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/texasts/sets/72157617318613488/

The set is not my best work but it is there if you wanna have a look.

I think I'll set the GPS to do that a little more often!
Tags: central texas, d60, photos, road trips
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