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flickr Lesson 1

This was especially for sahlah (because well...she asked) but any one can play! I'm all about equal opportunity...And if any of y'all that have flickr accounts have any other tips please feel free to post and leave them. Or if you have questions? Post 'em.

Your Page, Photostream and Tags...

Okay...a ishot-2.jpg lesson.

On your home page in flickr. If your flickr account opens into your photostream just click the home link.

(you can actually do most of this from any where but...humor me...)

Your home page in flickr show recent activity for you and your contacts (friends) and your groups that you belong to. It show if someone has made any comments, or if some one has added you to their contacts.

First things first...About tagging. Tagging is a way for you (or me, or anyone really) to catagorize your photographs. It makes them easier to find as well. This may not be an issue if you only have 50-100 pictures in flickr. But when you have


This could become an issue. I learned this the hard way when I went to look for an old photo. Some where between photos 3,500 and 3,735. I didn't have a good tag on the picture I was looking for so it took be a really long time to find it. I was just lucky I remembered approximately when the damn fool thing was either taken, or uploaded. So tagging is essential. Tags can be as descriptive or vague as you like.

For instance the tags for that little shot above are screenshots and flickr. For this one:

road trips, road trip, side trip, washington on the brazos, and texas are the tags for it. Tagging is mostly a good habit developed to help YOU to find what you are looking for.

I won't go into the specifics of how to do it, because if you use tags on your LiveJournal, then you already know how to do it in flickr. So yes I think tags are important. Do I always do it? No. But I should...

Tags also allow other folks to discover your photos. One of the cool things (for just trolling around flickr to do is to a search by popular tag...

Click to the right of the explore link at the top of your flickr page. Scroll down to "Popular Tags". Then pick one!


Say "nikon"

You get whatever the latest photos are that are tagged with, "nikon"


Next up: Groups
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