TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Going Dutch...This is Interesting...

Since I have a few friends that are Dutch...And I spent some time there in the past, I must admit I had a healthy curiosity for the way things work in The Netherlands. And why... And how the current system came into being...

A US Expat 'splains it to me: Going Dutch - How I learned to love the European Welfare State
from the NYTIMES.

It ain't just socialism, baby! More of a hybridization between Capitalism (which the Dutch invented, I think) and Socialism (which despite what history says, the Dutch may have invented that too! But they came at it in a completely different way than Marx and Engels).

The best part about it? It works...

I think my tendancy to admire the Dutch way of life was not misplaced...

Americans need to stop with the capitalist rheotoric and listen to some other folks. There ARE other ways to do this kind of thing. Ways that work.
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