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Went to see the latest installment of the X-Men saga tonight. Was alright. They really mucked up the actual origin of Logan. Yes I was a long time XMen fanboy. What the hell, it was entertaining. Lot's of splosions and stuff.

20081223_0052v3.jpgMy next door neighbor stopped me as I was coming in tonight to inform me that her fence would be replaced over the next three days.

Thank you!

At some point today I went down to the surface from Cube City to uh...well you know. The only real bad habit I have left. Had my shades on...It was bright outside. Took the elevator back up, had a solitary ride.

I was standing right in front of the doors when they opened and I scared the shit out of this guy that was standing in front of the doors waiting to get on.

He was about a foot shorter than me. As the doors opened up I was there looking down at him. Fella must have jumped back about three feet(!)

I think he had to go change his shorts!! Sorry about that...
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