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A Word or Two on Keyboards

Shortly after I got my laptop I realized I still wanted to be able to do desktop computing. I went out and bought one of the new style Apple full size eyboards. It was inexpensive and had a nice style. The keys were responsive and easily programmable with free software. It also had a nice aluminum finish which matched the equipment itself. A full set of navigation keys and a numeric keypad. Plus 2 USB ports. It measures about 16 3/4 X 4 1/2 inches. Not quite as big as a standard keyboard.


I love the numreric keypad on a keyboard. Reckon I've been using one for so long it is like second nature to me. I use my computer for all kinds of stuff that is made a helluva lot easier with a numeric keypad. A little programming here, some spreadsheeting there. Paying bills, etc. Some tasks are just so much easier with the numerics.

Later on, I was trying to neat up my office a little bit here at the house (it neeeded it, trust me) and I was also tired of dealing with the "Mighty Mouse" from Apple. Another nice looking piece of equipment but it doesn't really perform so well. And I had both a corded and cordless version. Got a nice feature list including horizontal scrolling. But the scrollball keeps getting jammed up and not working (yes on BOTH versions). Gets to a point where it only scrolls in one direction. They just had to go.

(So I'm not a complete Apple Fanboy! More of a quality product fanboy~ The Mighty Mouse just doesn't measure up)

So when I bought a nice new cordless 5 button Logitech Mouse (the scroll wheel does the horizontal thing as well as serves as the 5th button. This horizontal scroll thing has become an essential function for me.) I also got one of the new cordless Apple Keyboards. It hooks into the system via bluetooth. And runs on three AA batteries which seem to last for quite some time.


Same nice look and feel, but without the navigation and numeric keypad. So it is quite a bit smaller. 11 1/8 X 5 1/8 inches. Keys are just as responsive as it's big brother, but with a much smaller footprint.
And I like it.


I miss the Navigation and numeric keys. So when I was paying bills the other day I got the Big Brother keyboard out. And I think it is gonna stay out for the time being.

The cordless will do nicely when I'm "on the road". And it fits nicely in either of my bags for the laptop.
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