TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Lisa Nowak: Enough With The Jokes Already!

There was a post on fortysomething that prompted this, well not so much of a rant, but more of an editiorial. See the original
fortysomething post here. Decided to post about it here so my own thoughts on this subject wouldn't get lost in the comments.

Conceit? No, I prefer to think of it as I've lost too many brain cells to have to look for it again! *grins*

davidkevin said in the post we should treat Captain Nowak with compassion and understanding...She needs our help.

I say: Horsehockey!

No sympathy for Lisa Nowak on this end! ...My sympathy and compassion lies with her kids and husband. And neighbors who have to endure the 3 ring circus that she has turned her neighborhood into. And what about her victim?

the_ravyn said, "She is receiving plenty of that courtesy of NASA and the judicial system. She has an attempted murder charge hanging over her head and yet is allowed to leave the state in which she was charged to await trial in the comfort of her home.  One has to wonder if she were a man, or had no connection to the government space program, would she have received the same treatment?  Past practice and history answers that with a resounding no."

And I agree with that...Wholeheartedly

artkouros said, "Be rest assured, she will get all the help she needs to get through this. She'll have a top notch lawyer, the best medical and psychiatric care available. If she's convicted of anything, her sentence will be tempered by her fame and accomplishments."

And I agree with that too. I don't like either of these things. But I don't have to like them. Unfortunately this is the way of things in this country.

Captain Nowak was supposed to have "The Right Stuff". She sure took a wrong turn on Interstate 10.

How could she do what she did without a single thought for the others in her life? Her children for crissakes will be warped by the ridicule thy will have to put up with for a long time!

All of Captain Nowak's education...And training...Not to mention the money spent on it...is no guarantee of common sense. Seriously, I would expect more from an astronaut. Someone who has one of the most exciting and (not to mention) dangerous jobs on (or off) the planet, (and an officer to boot) should not behave in such a manner. This should have long ago been trained out of her.

At the very least, she should be court marshalled. I'm hoping the criminal prosecution throws the book at her too!

But I agree with one thing davidkevin said ...It is time for an end to the jokes...

But if she had been a man and not one of the "best and brightest" her (his) ass would be warnming a concrete slab in the Orlando Slam! Not her friggin' couch in Clear Lake!


i've said enough!
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