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Houston Fringe Festival - By BooTown Theatre

In anticipation of shooting the Houston Fringe Festival, since it was going to be an all day (and into the night) event. Iwent out in search of a Nikon SB-400 shoe mounted flash and a diffuser of some kind.



Why the SB400? Couple of reasons:
  1. It is compact (much smaller than ony other full sized flash unit.
  2. It has bounce capability. So instead of throwing the light right at your subject, and getting red eye. (I hate when that happens) You can bounce the light off the ceiling or adjascent wall, by tilting the lamp upwards in varying degrees, depending on what the situation calls for.
  3. It was relatively inexpensive compared to a standard flash. (big motivator) Even with NIKON splattered on it.

Gotta say I like this MUCH better than the built in one.

20090517_1333_crop.jpgI met up with the crew at around 1:00 or so. About 500 pictures and 10-12 hours later...I was exhausted and my feet hurt. Interesting bunch of shows. Of course I haven't really seen many of them. *grins* Kind of hard to do that with a camera stuck in your face.

Now this is an indoor outdoor / show and at one point in the afternoon, we thought we might get rained out. And we did get a little rain late. But other than that, the shows went off pretty much without a hitch as far as I could tell.

After the last show last night I went to breakfast with a few of the Boo Croo.

Drove home and fell into bed and couldn't get to sleep for quite a while. But here I am ready for another day!

And as soon as I get showered and stuff I'll be meeting up with them the Boos for another day of fun.
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