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Random Thoughts

I am such a rebel. If only they knew. I wear the right earphone in my left ear. Conversely...

Pet peeve - Hair on the bar of soap in the shower.

Another. You people that take an elevator ONE floor!

Yet another. Taking a sit down on the john at work. And the seat is warm. Ufff.

I used to be so proud of working where I do. Now? Not so much. If some one were to ask me if the big clam was a good (let alone GREAT!) place to work, I wish I could reply with a positive response. But...

At one time, I had a great deal of respect for the people I worked for. Now? Not so much. Numbers guys and bullshitters and hacks. I could live without 'em.

I really do like taking photographs. It let's me express myself creatively. Something that was missing from my life, I reckon. I like manipulating them to get different results, too.

I took some pretty good photos this weekend. But I've got quite a few to sift through. Some 800 pictures. *heh* I said I like to take photos, didn't I? Probably a lot of chaff there too. We'll see.

Folks used to say I was pretty talented and creative. I didn't really think so. But I think if you have some kind of talent, like anything else it requires development. I stifled that for a long time. You know, it was kind of a "it is time to put away childish things" thing.

Now my creative bone requires development. (re)Learned that hangin' with the kids at HFF weekend. So much talent concentrated in such a small area. Yum! It was refreshing!

So I guess I really am ready to get on with my life. Or the rest of it. Sick of being where I am.

The bus is getting close to the end of the line, so I reckon that's all I've got for now.

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