TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Sometimes It Appears Mulching Ain't So Great

I've used a mulching mower for years now. In my backyard however, there are about half a dozen pine trees and two different varieties of Oak trees. I think if we raked more often there probably would be more grass. I know pine needles are good mulch material for plant beds. They will outright kill St. augustine grass though. And the two oaks have leaves that don't break down well either. I've been watching the dirt wash away in my backyard for sometime now. I believe this is partially due to a lack of grass in some areas. Why is there no grass?

Well the last couple of summers have been real scorchers. Last summer didn't seem so bad, but the two before that broiled us in SE Texas. Including my yard.

Another factor is my mulching practice. The mower grinds most stuff up pretty fine. Including those aforementioned oak leaves. However, the particulated leaves still don't break down very well. That mixed in with everything else makes a nice form of ground cover. This stuff maybe the beast much known to man. Because nothing grows through it except the most hardy weeds. I mean n-o-t-h-i-n-g gets through. 'Ceptin' the weeds that must be mutants. 'Spose I could market the stuff except for one irritiating characteristic. The stuff floats. Also I noticed in one low spot near the slab where my AC units are the crap has almost the same qualities as CHIP BOARD(!) I couldn't rake it away with my big plastic rake. I had to get one of those rakes that looks like a comb with widespread metal teeth.

At any rate I spent some time this weekend pulling that crap up from the ground. And bagging it. Haven't got to the pine needles yet, but they are going too. Didn't make much progress. But it was a start. One of the things I always hated about raking leaves is it seems to be a 2 person operation. One to put the crap in a bag, and one to hold the bag. Why can't they make trashcand the right size to hiold a freakin' trashbag. Mebbe they do and I just haven't looked. My solution was to take one of the trash cans at the house fill it about a third of the way full and then put the trash bag in it. Worked like a charm. The Queen was painting one of the bedrooms and I didn't want to ask her for help.

We seem to work better on separate projects these days.

Also had The Offspring come over and get a bunch of her stuff we had been storing in the closets. I guess it will help to sell the house if we have neat as a pin closets! We took a load over to the Purple Hearts drop point in my car and packed the rest in to her car. She brought me home made sugar cookies! Said she made 'em from SCRATCH! Yum!

Also installed a radio in my car (yes alleycat2681, that one. So a check will be coming your way soon, I hope!) this weekend and cleaned the bugger out a little as it was getting kind of deep in the back seat. Had to go buy a bracket for mounting the radio. But other than having to take the center part of my dashboard apart and put it back together it went pretty quickly. Except for the middle part of going to the audio store to get a new bracket after I realized the old (aftermarket) one was busted.

Also changed the oil.

Just spent the weekend exploring my handiness!

I'm off to watch a show on PBS about the past and present of NOLA. See ya!

'nuff said.
Tags: my life, yard work
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