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Quiet Day Here in the Hinterlands...

S'good because of all the shit that was stirred up yesterday. And I'll admit I played my part in that.

I've thought on this for a while ~ I think that Susie's sister was just prepared to not find me palatable because of the words I had with her daughter back over New Years. Just a hunch. And I obliged her. Certain signs come to mind that just made me think so a few times over the last couple of days. You can just tell these things sometimes.

Not going into it because it has very little impact on me. Means nothing. Changes nothing.

Sorry Susie, but I wasn't impressed either. Just glad you haven't turned out the way your family (those that I have met) has.

At any rate, that's all I've got to say on this matter.

Been a quiet night and day, once I finally made it home. the house was utterly dark and quiet. Front door was even locked. Unusual, but not unheard of. I'm the the one usually locks the house up at night. Assuming since I wasn't home by the time (and she hadn't heard from me) Herself went to bed she figured I was staying at The Canadians. Slipped in the door and up the stairs. Her room door was open.

Took my nightly meds and was about to slip between the sheets with my latest book when I decided a sleep aid might be in order. So I read for a while till that kicked in and turned of the light.

Did a whole lot of nothing today. Several cups of coffee. Unloaded the camera. Finished the laundry. Read a bunch of posts. Made a few posts. Made a few comments

Talked to the dog (sometimes better than talkin' to myself....bought some stuff off iTunes. Herself Left at some point for points unknown as far I am concerned. "I'll be back," was the only theing said as she walked out the front door sometime around noon.

Texted The Offspring to see what she was up to...On her way to her Mom's. To do laundry. Called me shortly to see if I wanted to go see "Trek" with her and her Momma. I declined. Her Momma just isn't that much fun for me to be around now. Told her if she needed a ride back to her apt, she could give me a call if it wasn't too late.

By the way - Do y'all listen to Bluegrass music? Really like these guys's right now: Cadillac Sky They aren't really traditional 'Grassers, but I like 'em. Check out the first CD - "Blind Man Walking" I just picked up the new(er) one, "Gravity's Our Enemy" Little different than the first one, but I think I'm gonna like this one too.

Round 3:00 PM decided I was hungry. Went to see if Nonmacher's was open. They've got about the best BBQ in Katy. Took my book along with me.

Reading "The Bourne Legacy" By Eric van Lustbader. Every one should know who Jason Bourne is by this time. The character was created by spy writer extraordinaire, Robert Ludlum. Ludlum is dead by Bourne lives on!

About 25 pages in, I knew I was gonna have to get the other two tomes van Lustbader has witten for this series. So after I finished my lunner *heh* Cruised over to a B&N to get the other two books, and a couple of SciFi mags I read, Asimov's Science Fiction, and Analog. Also picked up the latest copy of Model Railroader. I may not be active in the hobby right now, but I still like to know what's going on in it.

*Aside ~ I should just go ahead and subscribe to all three of these*

So "The Bourne Betrayal" and "The Bourne Sanction" are the next books I'll read after this one. Unless something else catches my fancy. Possible.

Back to the house, harassed the neighbors a bit. They were cleaning the gutters on the side of the road...ACROSS the street from their house. Couldn't let that go. Told 'em when they finished over there...

She told me again how much they are gonna miss me...Stop already. A little good will and good advise goes a long way, I reckon. The fact that I chased that Power Company truck down right after Ike didn't hurt any either...*grins*

*Another aside ~ The Canadians have informed me if there's another hurricane that sweeps the area, they WILL be leaving town...I don't think they had ever seen (or conceived of) anything like a hurricane bearing down on a city...Welcome to the Gulf of Mexico, folks!*

So looks like it will (hopefully) be an (relatively) early night. Got some things left to do here on the computer...

Got a three day work week this week...

It's all good!
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