TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Well Shit!

I was fooling around on Tuesday night on myspace. Had a friend request. Looked at it. Tried to look at said requestors profile. This seemed to facilitate a SW download. About three quarters of the way through the download, I started getting all manner of alarms from my adware, spyware, and virus detection programs. I managed to stop the download before it was completely finished. Thought something was fishy with that DL anyway. 

I was in the process of attempting to undo what I had done when I got the "Blue Screen of Death"(!). I tried to restart a few times. But got the same error. I did manage to get the "Send Microsoft Info about this error" completed. It returned a webpage which blamed a corrupted driver from IOmega. I uninstalled said software via safe mode, restarted in "normal" mode (what IS normal with Windows) Got the damned Blue Screen again. And was still getting alarms from the Virus protection program. I think the damned program from the download re-wrote my spyware configuration as well. 

I rebooted in "Safe" mode again. Watched what loaded before Windows started. The last thing to load was the IOmega config. I reset the machine to a restore point from Monday afternoon. And restarted. No go...Blue Screen. Sh-e-e-e-e-e-e-a-a-a-a-t!

A little background, perhaps? I had noticed over the last month or so, that I was starting to see a "bar" of fuzziness (video distortion) on the screen at the top and / or bottom. I figured the video card was starting to go.

Well I beleive, it has now given up the ghost as it were, and a new card is required. Did a little checking on the error message on the Blue Screen *IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL* Conferred with a PC guru here at work and he thinks so too. The only reason Windows is blaming the IOmega SW is because it is the last to load...It could even be a bad memory chip. I'm betting on the video.

So no Web access at TexasT's place right now. Been checking stuff at work...kinda 'tween as it were. I'll have to see if I can find an upgrade for my video card that is reasonably priced - ha ha!

Just lettin' you know...I ain't dead. Just delayed!

Now I'm off to freeze my ass and catch a bus! See ya!

Ps - Not sure about this myspace page. I may have to let that go. Thoughts?
Tags: computing, web
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