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There were a pair of landscapers here when I left for work this morning. And there was broadband internet as well.

They were hired by HERSELF to do some work in the yard. It needs it. The feedback we are getting from realtors is the backyard sucks. And it does.

But there is less suckage now. Front has been mulched. Back has hit some new greenery and color. And mulch.

However. *sigh* They managed to cut the cable for our Internet service. I've spoken with ComCast. It's ComCastic! Not so much. Won't be out until at least thursday. And even then it wasn't firm.

WTF!? Last time when the contractor next door cut the cable they were out the NEXT DAY.

Oh well. Played some halo 3. Now i'm off to read some of The Bourne Betrayal before I fall out.

Pleasant dreams to all.

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Tags: 42, herself, house and home, the boys from east texas, the queen, via ljapp
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