TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Written for the Queen Last Fall

She decided she wanted to goto the Texas Renaissance Faire for a weekend. I decided I didn't. This was a note I put in the front seat of her car, the night before she left. I just found this (again) in a subdirectory on my HDD.

For My Queen, my love,

My time at the faire mayhap is o'er!

Should I care that thou wish't to go to the Faire

E'en though it be without me?

Mayhap it be irrational for me to be so...But yes.

Yea, I fear it...

Yea, I fear it mightily!

But fly Thou! Be Free!

As t'were at this very place that I found thee

T'were at this very place

That I learned to love thee

With a passion so fierce

That none could'st quench it!

That still, though it be many years later

It burns within

I hath no wish to lose thee there...

Thou art still comely and most beauteous!

An' shall still hath to beat thy suitors off with a stick!

So fly Thou! - Be free!

And whence it is time for thee to come hence

Know that I await thy return

Come back to me, my love!

For thou art e'er

My Sun, My Moon, My Starlit Sky!

I shall endeavor to keep my Green eyed monster at bay!

Try to have a good time.

E'en though I know it t'will be hard without me. Ha!

Give a Hale and Hearty "Hi Ho and Hail and Well Met!" to those that ask after me.

If none remembers me to thee, then better ist that I am absent!

Thou dost have mine permissions howe’er, to give them a kick in the seat most swift!

Yours Constant and True!

Sir Thomas...

Tags: love, renaissance, the queen
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