TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Well I'll Be Dipped in Dogshit!

it seems Twitter is good for something...I had seen on Facebook that Evernote was giving away 5 eye-Fi cards. So I followed the rules. (such a rare thing for me *grins*). And. Since I never win anything, I forgot about it.

Got a DM from them on twitter this AM saying I'd won! How cool is that? I'm sure there's a catch...There always is...

Still can't see the FB video because I am here at work. ATT security... So that will have to wait.

It gets worse...I haven't used my evernote account in quite some time. *blush* I'll have to re-learn it again. It seems to be a very useful tool...Or I thought so at the time.

Screenshot from twitterific on my iPhone:
I Win!
Tags: 42, evernote, web
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