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No Understand - My Techno Babble Post??

So I hadn’t realized just how much tech I was speaking earlier today. At any rate, Evernote was giving away Eye-Fi cards. But you had to follow them on twitter. As well as the Eye-Fi folks. And basically say something along the lines of, “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH! I want one! Pick me!” Of course in 140 character or less.

The basic premise of twitter being say what you have to say, but say it in 140 characters or less. You can DM folks on twitter. DM means Direct Message. This is kind of like a private message on LJ or any forum on the web.

So here’s how they chose the winners:

Ron @ Evernote really mangled my name....But hey, at least I won.

Ron - Man, that is TexasT’s - Pronounced like: Texas Tease...


So I got a Direct Message from Evernote saying I had won one of the Eye-Fi cards...

What is Evernote? Basically Evernote is like a web based notebook. Text, pictures, web clipping, voice, even handwriting recognition Here’s a Youtube clip that explains Evernote much more eloquently than I can:

I really should use this more. It is visual, like I am.

So what is an Eye-Fi Card? It is basically an SD memory card for your digital camera. Or video camera.

But get this...It has WiFi built in. With the base model, if your camera is in range of your computer and turned on, the EyeFi card automatically sends the pictures in your camera to your computer. The higher end cards will send to flickr, or photo-bucket or any of several other sharing sites from WiFi Hotspots

Eye-Fi ~ How it works ~ Overview

There are a couple of different models ~ depending what your application might be.

FB = Face-book

ATT Security = AT and T run the intarwebz for the company I work for. A lot of stuff I could access when we were the last iteration of Internet explorer has now been blocked. Face-book, BoingBoing. The list is really endless. And absurd.

Twitterific is a piece of software for PC, Macs and Mobiles that acts as a front end for Twitter.

And this:

I Win!

Is just a screenshot from the phone that I emailed from the phone to my flickr photostream...

So anything else I can explain while I’m here?
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