TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Almost Everything I Touched This Week

(mostly at work) has just seemed to get even more complicated and / or convoluted. I think I worked the same fifteen issues ALL week!

By the end of every day this week I was asking myself, "Why the hell do I keep coming in here and looking at these same tickets?" The weather this week hasn't helped much with the not wanting to go to work thing, either. Simply B-e-e-e-a-a-a-u-u-u-u-ti-ful (!) here in SE Texas this last week. Every time I went outside (I work on the 15th floor in Cube City, so it is a conscious decision to do so) I just wanted to keep walking away from the building. So being at work has made me sort of out of sorts this week. Spring fever anyone?

The rest of the story:

 I got to the doors of my building on Friday morning, a little later than usual. About 6:45. The first thing I noticed was there were a lot more people milling around the ground floor than usual. I walked into the building and the first people I see are firemen, then I realize neither of the elevator banks with midrise access are working. (15th counts) While talking with some co-workers for a while, we notice water is coming down some of the walls. The walls in this building a white italian marble so you NOTICE things like this. Further there is also water coming out some of the overhead light fixtures as well. (!) It seems a water pipe has busted on three, and has shut down all the elevators. Some of the stairwells have water flowing in them.

The building management finally gets some elevators dried out an working after about an hour and a half. I get up to my cube eventually after this wondrous event. I'm still looking at some of the same freakin' issues I started out with on Tuesday. Feh! *sighs heavily*

Then there are times like this:


I just happened to walk up to the building and turn around and happened to have the camera with me. Took these on the morning of the 21st. Just flat dumb luck! Or was it? Are there really coinsidences? Check those clouds! I only tweaked these a little. Have a look at my flickr page. I uploaded un-retouched versions as well. Then the sky cleared and it was a beautiful day. But you know these are not a bad way to start the day...Not bad for a little plastic bodied camera!

Not a bad week all in all, if just for the pictures I got!
Tags: houston skyline, my life, work
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