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Welcome to the New Folk!

Just a note to say hello to the new folks, I’ve picked up over the last few daze...




C’mon in, set a spell, take a load off...Tell me a little about yourselves, if you are so inclined...

I’ll even start...I’m 51 years old (young!). I live just outside of Houston, Texas, and work for a multinational in the central business district...

I have three kids...One of my own and two steps from my current marital entanglement. They are referred to by The Offspring (mine), alleycat2681, and The Cool One. The last two are Herself’s. Herself is my current spousal type person. I ain’t gonna tell you a story, well not yet anyway. Herself and I are headed for splitsville as soon as we can get it all together. “Getting It All Together” in this case means as soon as we sell our house. Once this happens, she will go one way and I’ll go another...

This is a long story, and a long time coming as well. And I will not be going there today. There are a lot of other characters in here, but you will frequently see these four. Others as they come along you can always ask about...or read back.

About me and Live Journal: I use my lj as a catch all. I rant, I rave, I laugh, I cry, I bitch, I moan. Bits and pieces of my life go here. I use foul language. I post a lot of pictures, both big and small, jokes, cartoons, tech stuff (I often refer to myself as a tech junkie), and whatever else I find of interest. Or what I think others might find interesting, disturbing and funny.

I love comments, and commenting. I can post anywhere from 1 to 10 posts a day, depending on what’s going on at the time or what catches my fancy.

About me: I am an IT security specialist by trade. A jack of all trades as well. I love my kids, and life in general. I am an-unabashed Apple fan-boy (there - I’ve said it!) I compute at home on a MacBookPro, own an iPhone, and an iPod Classic. I drive a 98 Saturn, commonly referred to here as The Saturn Express.

I am an unabashed Southern boy.

I love art, technology, music (all genres) and my current set of hobbies include photography, model railroading, and all manner of tech stuff...(that’s pretty wide open innit?)

I am also on twitter and facebook...And various other places.

So How bout y’all! Or anybody else that wants to chip in! Questions? Ask ‘em. Likes or dislikes? Let’s hear em!
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